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Islam is such a beautiful religion.

The way of life. Truth. We should embrace this lifestyle and not be ashamed.

If we are ashamed then what does that say about how we feel about Allah (swt). Dressing modestly shows

  1. Your obedience to our Creator
  2. Dignity
  3. Pure Beauty
  4. Confidence

Muslim women are unique. A woman wearing hijab commands respect.

She should wear it with her head up at the same time of lowering her gaze. She should feel comfortable, free, respected, and favoured.


I leave you on this note my sisters.

“Whoever treads a path seeking knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the path to paradise.

(reported by Ibn Majah and others fulfilling the conditions of Imam al Bukhari and Imam Muslim)




Protection for the Muslim female is knowledge. Whether you were born Muslim or a convert, whether you live in America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, or anywhere else. Regardless of if you are brown or white, African or Asian etc.


We live in tremendous evil times and we must be equipped with knowledge of the religion.

You cannot be oppressed if you have knowledge.

You cannot be abused if you have knowledge.

You cannot be persuaded if you have knowledge.

You can only gain when you have KNOWLEDGE.


Please reference the following audio recording

May Allah (swt) always guide us to the straight path that will lead us into Jannah. Ameen.




Joy Andrèa

Joy Andrèa

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