How to get that ‘Perfect Winged Eyeliner’

Two steps to simple perfect winged eyeliner

Don’t you just hate it when you see he perfect winged eyeliner on a tv show or movie and go to recreate it and end up with a black eye in the end because you think you don’t have the perfect eye shape or your hand trembles too much? Yeah, I did too, until I figured out the trick behind it.

I know, I know what you are gonna think “isn’t that what everyone says?!” right? come on, don’t give up that easy this trick doesn’t follow the old “close your eyes and draw and outline” we are gonna do something different. This is a simple two step process. You’ll see,

Step 1:

Keep your eyes half way open like the picture below, look at your eyes in the mirror and draw the line you want, this is when you decide you want a thick or thin line.

Don’t worry if you cant get it without taking off your pencil you can draw it bit by bit if you tremble too much, *REMEMBER* WHILE DRAWING, TAKE THE PENCIL OR BRUSH OVER THE EYELASHES AND PLACE IT BEHIND THEM in order to avoid messy incomplete lines. you can either use a sharp eye liner pencil or liquid one. Works best with liquid mostly because it stays longer and is like painting, but of course you can use either. There is an outline to demonstrate.



Step 2:

These are just the adjustments in the end like filling in the blank spaces in your line, this way you get to see how it looks when you are done and you are not just taking a chance by keeping your eyes closed.


And there we go, the perfect winged eyeliner! The only point to keep in mind while doing this is to make sure you don’t draw along with your eyelashes that would result in half smudged lines and such. I hope these little tips worked. Make sure to surf around for more!

Dunya Mohammed

Dunya Mohammed

Dunya Mohammed [Anna] is a Business Major with an absolute passion for creative writing. Student of Business Management and loves the fact that her voice can be heard without actually having to speak out loud.


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