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My sisters, how blessed we are to be Muslim! Masha’Allah.

Allah (swt) has ordained for us to be amongst the pious, the righteous, and the successful. Alhamdulillah. This in itself should be enough for you to be happy and excited.

Allah (swt) gives us these simple instructions to turn to Him and we may attain Bliss (perfect happiness; joy). In this lifetime, to have an instruction manual in order to acquire joy and to have your Raab be pleased with you is priceless.

The truth is, if you and me live for this world, we will gain things and recognition of people; gaining things, money, cars, houses, degrees etc. These are not bad things to have but  we surely cannot take them with us when we die but to acquire knowledge of our religion, it is made easy for us on our path to paradise.
In a Hadeeth on the authority of ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said:

“O youth of the Quraysh! Do not commit adultery, Whoever preserves his chastity will enter paradise.” [Al-Haakim, Al-Haakim- Saheeh]


In today’s society, it’s easy to get pulled into what everyone else is doing and if you are not surrounded by believing people then you will feel different and maybe a little uncomfortable. If you ever begin to feel that way, please remember that we are merely passersby’s in this world and that Allah (swt) has a plan for all of us.


Please know that your hijab protects you. It protects you from being judged and lusted after at the same time it identifies who you are! You are on display to the world. You are an example of a woman striving to please the Lord of the Worlds.


How high should you feel and proud (in a modest way). You are beautiful. The Muslim woman stands strong in the tests of this world because you know the Allah (swt) and place all of yours faith in Him. How blessed muslimah :)
The Prophet (PBUH) gave good news to those who are generous, men and women alike, that they will be among those who will enter Paradise in peace:

“Spread salaam, offer food generously, uphold the ties of kinship, stand in prayer at night when people are sleeping , and enter Paradise in peace.”

Take heed that it is critical that we follow the instructions that were given to us as they are provided in order for us to be successful.

Woman praying re-edit


Woman praying” by Beth Rankin under CC BY 2.0


The Muslim woman worships Allah, we are obedient to the commands of Allah, we keep good appearance, we take care of our mind by seeking knowledge of the religion, we love for the sake of Allah, you are generous and we honor sister each other. Part of the beauty of Islam is the relationship among the sisters.


Women must embrace one another and encourage each other especially to do good. To have a bond with sisters who love you for the sake of Allah is yet another blessing given to us from Allah (swt). Alhamdulillah. Sister will stand with you in times of trouble, sister will pray for you in your absence, sister will study Islam with you and sister will always remind you of Allah (swt),  sister’s sincere, tolerant, and forgiving.


Let’s strive to be amongst those who women who are genuine and loyal.

Do you feel the blessed? Please share your thoughts below :)

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