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Hijab Fashion Spring 2015

With spring literally knocking on your door it is time you make that yearly switch where you start storing your dark warm clothes in storage boxes and take out all those light pastel colored clothes. Not only that but it is also time that you look into fashion trends and colors for Spring 2015 so that you know what the Spring of 2015 has to offer fashion wise. Once you are up to date with all the latest spring fashions then you will be better able to decide in what sort of clothes or accessories you should invest in for this spring.

Moving on first let us look at the fashion themes which are going to take the main stage this spring.

The 70’s

Romantic Bohemian

Denim and Suede

Asymmetrical Hemming

Skirt Layering

Denim & Suede


Romantic Bohemian


Suede and Hijab

Most of these themes are pretty self-explanatory and give you an insight into what spring 2015 will have to offer in relation to fashion and looking at these themes we can expect spring colors fused into different types of flowery patterns and tailored uniquely to give the clothes a fresh spring touch to it.

Though there is so much you can do with all the different variety available for Spring but if you are a Hijabi then obviously your main focus will be on your hijab as that will usually  form the most important part of your outfit and everything else will be decided so as to coordinate with that.

Now choosing a Hijab is tricky at times. Some Hijabis usually tend to adorn plain black hijabs at all times, but if you, like me, love to bring color into your hijab as well as patterns then of course deciding on what hijab will be part of your #ootd (outfit of the day) does take some time and mixing and matching of colors plays an important role.

This spring the colors are light but have taken their inspiration from nature and as a result the spring colors have been given names like Scuba Blue, Toasted Almond, and Strawberry Ice and so on. For a full list of spring colors do check out the Pantone ‘Fashion Color Report Spring 2015’.

When it comes to Hijabs there is a variety of ways you can coordinate them with your outfit. If your outfit consists mainly of patterns then it is best to wear a plain colored hijab with it, but if your outfit is plain colored then it is best to pair it with a patterned hijab. This way both your outfit and your hijab will stand out and there will be no chance of either the hijab overshadowing the outfit or vice versa.

Butterflies Hijab (2)

Hijabila has a wide variety of Hijabs and under scarfs on display and if you browse through the shop you will for sure find something that will meet your fashion requirements and would make a great addition to your spring wardrobe. 

The patterned section has tons of different patterns to offer and amongst the new arrivals section, my personal favorite is the ‘Butterflies Hijab’. With a base color of off white/beige the hijab has a pattern of baby pink and sky blue butterflies all over it, giving it the right touch of spring and making it a must have for your spring fashion collection.

Pinky Pink Hijab (3) Mild Stripe (2) Fancy Floral Hijab (2)

Spring Hijab (3)

So fellow hijabis, what are you waiting for? Buy hijab now. Log on to our website, hijabila.com and browse through our collection of hijabs, especially the new additions we have made for spring and give your spring wardrobe a complete look.

Zahra Hamdani

Zahra Hamdani

Zahra Hamdani is a Finance and Economics graduate who has a passion for writing and football. A hijabi by choice, she spends most of her time running around her 2 year old son and trying to spread smiles all around.


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