The right hair treatment for Hijabi, yes for you!


So you wear the Hijab and are totally loving it, but at the same time your once luscious soft hair is well not so luscious and soft anymore and that makes you wonder whether I am destined for dry, limp and flat hair for life now.





But don’t fret too much about it as you are not the only way one facing this problem and like you many other hijabis are trying to get their hair back in shape as well. It’s really not that hard and all and it all comes down to is you taking better care of yourself and using some products that are especially designed for your hair type. So here is the right hair treatment for hijabi, people like us!


Firstly, lets look at what happen when we wear the hijab. When our hair is covered, the hair doesn’t get a chance to breathe and as a result of this lack of oxygen for the hair, the hair starts to become greasy and brittle and can break easily. Also, if you happen to sweat a lot, then the constant sweating of your scalp, with the hijab on, will leave your hair dry, flat and limp with no volume what so ever.


Now how to get rid of all these problems and return your hair to its former glory of the pre-hijab days? For starter’s, it is vital that you let your hair breathe, so girls when you are in your private space, open that hijab, let down your hair and let it soak in as much oxygen as it can.


Secondly, it’s always good to massage your scalp whenever you get a chance, as that increased blood flow to your hair roots will helpyour hair become healthier as the blood will be carrying lots of essential nutrients with it. Remember to use your fingertips, no nails, and massage in circular motions. Using any oil, though I prefer mustard oil, is recommended as it helps overcome hair and scalp dryness.


After taking a shower, it is important that you let your hair dry completely, before wearing the hijab. Though it is preferred that you let it dry naturally, but if you are short of time then you can use the hair dryer, but always avoid wearing a hijab on wet hair as not only does that leave your hair damp but too much moisture in the hair is also bad. Moving on you should always try to eat healthy.




Foods such as salmon, eggs, vegetables and so on are good for hair growth and hair care as they contain all the nutrients required for better hair and that is why you would notice that pregnant women usually tend to have better hair during pregnancy as they start eating better and all those extra nutrients boost their hair condition.


Certain hair care products are also available which are specially created for covered hair. There is always the ‘Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh Shampoo for Covered Hair’, which has been made to overcome problems that hijabis face.


There is also the ‘Hijabi-Covered Hair Shampoo’ made by Medina Healthcare Products (UK) and is free of SLES and parabens. In addition to that it contains natural ingredients, such as Rosemary, that are quite beneficial for your hair and can easily be bought from their website medinahealthcareproducts.com

Hijabi- Covered Hair Shampoo 300ml

But even if these products are not easily available you can use any shampoo and conditioner but always remember to use the one best suited for your hair type.

In the end, just remember that overcoming hijabi hair problems isn’t that hard. All you have to do is follow these tips and use the products that are best for your hair. A combination of these will pretty soon start working wonders on your hair and then you too can feel confident and flaunt your fully re-vitalized shiny, full of volume hair at any all ladies party and feel absolutely beautiful doing it.

Good luck fellow hijabi!!

Zahra Hamdani

Zahra Hamdani

Zahra Hamdani is a Finance and Economics graduate who has a passion for writing and football. A hijabi by choice, she spends most of her time running around her 2 year old son and trying to spread smiles all around.


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