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I am the kind of person that likes to create new things with supplies I can find at home. Of course, a wide variety of beautiful rings can be created using wire ring, but is not the only way.

Who knew that paper clips are the perfect wire for creating rings! In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful ring using a button and a paper clip. Here is what you need:


  1. Ring Gauge Stick. It doesn’t have to be necessarily a ring gauge stick, you can actually use any stick that has approximately the same size as any other ring you own.
  2. Scissors. You can try using regular scissors, but it’s going to be a little challenging. I recommend using wire cutting scissors.
  3. Small tweezers/pliers for wire
  4. One big button. It can be any shape or color.
  5. One paper clip. In this tutorial I used the white one, but you can pick any color that combines with the color of your button. Even though smaller paper clips can work, I recommend using the big ones.
  6. Hot glue gun or all purpose adhesive


Let’s go girl, follow these steps button paper clip ring:
1) Unfold entirely your paper clip until it is straight. Wrap it around your stick, as shown on the picture below. Make sure you wrap it all around to complete the circle plus half an inch. The size should be a little bigger than your usual ring size. You will shrink the circle later.


2) Use your tweezers for giving it a circle shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to make it as curvy and round as possible. Try it on the desired finger to see if you need to tighten or loosen it.
3) After getting the desired shape, use your wire cutting scissors to cut the excess. Your final ring shape has to be something similar to the one shown in the picture.

4) Locate the middle and front of your ring. Both of the wire tips should be on the sides and heading down.
5) Insert your button trough any of the wire tips and use your hot glue gun to fill the small hole and stick it. Make sure you fill the entire hole with glue so the button won’t move when you wear the ring.


6) Use your tweezers to wrap the excess of your wire around the ring. This will give it a more stylish look and it will prevent the button from slipping out.
Tip: if the tips of your wire feel uncomfortable after cutting them, use hot glue to cover the tips for a softer feel. Try to don’t use too much or it will look messy.


  • Try to experiment using different colors of paper clips and button sizes
  • It doesn’t have to be only one big button, try using a few (around 2 or 3) small buttons and stick them together.
  • If you don’t find comfortable the twisted wire, you can cut it to just close de circle and stick both edges under the small hole of the button.

Be awesome be creative;)

Fernanda Curiel

Fernanda Curiel

Fernanda Curiel (Nandha) is a Communications Specialists and Multimedia Designer with a passion for Photography and Crafts. She studied Communications and Graphic Design and cannot resist the smell of pizza.


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