Gold & Brown Button Bracelet

Gold & Brown Button Bracelet

If you are crazy for big, cluttered and shiny (or colorful!) accessories, this is the bracelet for you! If you already know how to sew a button, following this tutorial will be a piece of cake. First step: grab your supplies


  1. Thread and a big needle (one that works for sewing artificial leather)
  2. Buttons (as many as you want, you can pick buttons of the same palette of colors or pick a lot of different colors and sizes) #Tip: I recommend you pick one button bigger than the rest so you can use it as the center of your bracelet.
  3. A piece of artificial leather
  4. Adhesive backed VELCRO #You can cut a piece from a strip if you don’t find these circle-shaped pieces of VELCRO
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Scissors
  7. Optional: A piece of felt same size (and preferably color) of your artificial leather


Follow the steps:

1) Cut a piece of artificial leather. Measure your wrist and add half inch. That is the long of your piece. The width of the bracelet is determined by you, mine is 1.5 inches.

2) Stick the adhesive backed Velcro on the bracelet. Stick it on each side of the bracelet: one on the front face/ left side and the other one at the back face/right side. As shown on pic.


3) Locate the center of your bracelet and place the biggest button. (If you decided not to use a bigger button and want to do it with many same-sized buttons, you can skip this step)


4) Place the rest of your buttons so you can have an idea of how you want to arrange them BEFORE sewing

Tip: Take a pic of your arrangement so you can remember it later because you will be removing the buttons on next step


5) Sew the biggest button at the center and keep sewing the rest of them around it. Make sure you sew all the buttons VERY CLOSE to each other; it has to be much cluttered because when you wear it, the spaces of artificial leather between them will show, and we want this to look as bulky as possible.


6) Keep sewing all the buttons. You can add buttons to the whole bracelet or just add them at the center part of the whole bracelet, or you can fill all of it with a lot of buttons of different size, type, shape and color.

The advantage of this project is that a lot of options are open for you to make, is very adaptable to your own taste and preferences!


7) After sewing all the buttons, you can wear it like that or stick the piece of felt with hot glue on the back, so the small strips of thread won’t show. This step is completely optional, I think it looks cleaner and better, but you can wear it without the felt and no one will really notice!


Remember to sew the buttons very close to each other because they will separate by the time you wear it. You can pick any colors and buttons you like, what matters is that you get creative!hijab-Button-Bracelet

Fernanda Curiel

Fernanda Curiel

Fernanda Curiel (Nandha) is a Communications Specialists and Multimedia Designer with a passion for Photography and Crafts. She studied Communications and Graphic Design and cannot resist the smell of pizza.


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