Hijab Giveaway!!

Hijab Giveaway! Enter to win 5 hijabs of your choice by simply submitting this short survey: http://goo.gl/forms/wr0JYBLfgK ENTER NOW ↓  The deadline for entries is February 28th, 2015. All the best! The winner will be announced on Thursday, March 5th, 2015 Dear Sisters, Thank you all for participating Hijabila survey. By submitting the survey you […]

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World Hijab Day

Better Awareness.  Greater Understanding.  Peaceful World.   World Hijab Day is recognition of millions of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab and live a life of modesty. Naza Khan who bring up World Hijab Day aim to spread awareness and promote tolerance by inviting women (non-Hijabi Muslims/non-Muslims) to experience the hijab for one day.   […]

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Hijabi Outfits

Hijabi Outfits “Transparent Floral Hijab”   Transparent Floral Hijab by hijabila featuring Transparent Floral Hijab Hijabi Outfits “Glossy Pink Hijab (Small)”   Glossy Pink Hijab (Small) by hijabila featuring a Glossy Pink Hijab (Small) Hijabi Outfits “Gold Hijab”   hijab gold by hijabila featuring Gold Hijab Hijabi Outfits “Glossy Red Hijab (Small)”   Glossy Red […]

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